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2018 Billboard & Media Guide




The Annual Media Guide campaign is a vital part of generating the funds required to make the Football program the success that it is.  This fundraising event produces a beautiful, full color media guide filled with sponsor’s advertisements, player, team and coach photos.

Additionally the campaign offers sponsors the opportunity to place their advertisements on billboards in our stadium year round.  The sponsorship funds help pay for items such as uniforms, coach stipends, and equipment.


Here’s everything you need:

  1. Billboard & Media Guide Order Form – for advertising orders
  2. Billboard & Media Guide Fundraiser Instructions – follow instructions to go about securing sponsors
  3. Tax Forum W-9 – occasionally, a sponsor will ask to see this form that documents the Booster Club tax ID number
  4. Up-to-date Available Sponsors List – Legacy List


Still have questions?  CONTACT Jeannette Ennis at 805-732-9040