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Booster Club

The Football Booster Club is a non-profit, parent-run organization that provides support and encouragement to our TOHS football athletes. Throughout the year, the Booster Club meets regularly, hosts special events, and provides ongoing support to our football teams. Funding support is made possible through Booster donations, sponsorships, advertising and concessions. Thousand Oaks High School football would not exist without the tremendous support and partnership of the Football Boosters. Thank you for your support of our student-athletes, which allows us to invest intangibles, but also in the character development of our young men.

2018 Lancer Football Boosters

Booster Executive Board

Head Coach – Chris Casillas
President  – Nathan Morris
Vice President – Chris Farfaras
Vice President – Steve Sparks
Treasurer  – Paul Lichtenstein
Secretary – Carole Cain

Booster Board

Freshman Team Rep – Amy Horton-Stephens

Junior Varsity Team Rep – Jen Bauer

Varsity Team Rep – Monica Lichtenstein

Website – Jeannette Ennis
Snack Shack – Jennifer Bauer
Golf Tournament and Banquet Night – Steve Sparks
Sponsorship / Billboards / Media Guide – Jeannette Ennis
Membership – Monica Lichtenstein
Senior Recognition Night – Shannon Casillas
Pre-Game Meals – Sandi Witchell & Matt Volk
Merchandise – Danielle Morris

2018 Premium Booster Members

The Allois Family

The Blano Family

The Borup  Family

The Bowen Family

The Farfaras Family

The Gould Family

The Lichtenstein Family

The McCurdy Family

The Morley Family

The Morris Family

The Rodriguez Family

The Sparks Family

The Stanley Family

The Terharutyunyan Family

The Todd Family

The Vasquez Family

The Volk Family

The Worthy Family

The Young Family

2018 Booster Members

Carole Cain

The Ali Family

The Gray Family

The Harsh Family

The Jimenez Family

The Knox Family

The Moon Family

The Sloan Family